Since 1825, the U. S. Government has declared on ten separate occasions that, within the Fort Berthold Reservation, the Missouri Riverbed and the minerals beneath it belong to the MHA Nation.


Today, the ownership of what is rightfully ours is under threat. We must defend our property rights.


We Are People of the River

The people of the MHA Nation have this belonging to that river. And so, if you read from Treaties to Executive Orders, there’s always a full intention and recognition by the federal government that these people belong along the river, and with that river. It is essential to who they are.
— Chairman Mark Fox

Our Rights

MHA Nation’s mineral property rights beneath the Missouri River have been documented in legal agreements over nearly two centuries. The current administration is attempting to take away the MHA Nation’s ability to be self-sufficient.

George Catlin painting of a Hidatsa earth lodge village.

George Catlin painting of a Hidatsa earth lodge village.

We are raised to believe that the Missouri River is a part of who we are. Our people are of this land and this water. The idea that the federal government wants to deny that this is our river and these are our rights, ignores the fact that my ancestors were born of the Missouri River. This is the home of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara and we have always lived here.”
— Monica Mayer, Tribal Councilmember, MHA Nation

Ancestral Lands Taken and Destroyed

When the Garrison Dam was built, we lost a quarter of the land base of the Fort Berthold Reservation; 90 percent of our people were forced to relocate from their homes and villages on the Missouri River.

Following years of displacement that uprooted an entire way of life, our people work hard every day to re-establish their livelihoods with the resources we have left.

Drag the slider to compare the land base before and after the building of the Garrison Dam.


Take Action

The funding needed to address the growing threats to public health and safety is within reach. We will continue to fight for the revenue from our riverbed mineral rights to serve the needs of our people.

Learn more about defending MHA Nation’s property rights.